Carla Frías
Member Position: 

Carla Ortega Frías has a degree in Social Work (UCV, 1995), a Masters on Social Policy and Local Development (2002)and a PhD in Sociology (UAB, 2009).

She has taught at the Universidad Central de Chile and the Universidad Cardenal Silva Henriquez. Was a research associate at the Research Group ‘Women Studies Seminar’ (UAB, 2006-2009) and freelance researcher for the Center for Public Policy (UC, 2010).

She held various positions at the National Foundation for Overcoming Poverty in Chile (1996-2002), such as Coordinator of the ‘Community Development and Citizenship’ thematic area, and program advisor and regional coordinator of the program “Servicio País”. She is currently Professor at the University of Chile and collaborates with the Ministry of Finance of Chile as an expert in the Governmental Programs Assessment Panel.

Her main research areas are social inequalities in education and health, public policy and decentralization, and poverty and equity.