Aina Tarabini

I am associate professor it the Department of Sociology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and researcher at the research centre GEPS (Globalisation, Education and Social Policy). ( My research is concerned with the (re)production of social inequalities in the daily life of education systems, schools and students. I’m particularly interested in the analysis of the processes of teaching and learning, the modes of pedagogic and curricular provision and the students’ identities, experiences and trajectories through the system. Overall, my research aims to connect the subjective, institutional and systemic dimensions of inequality with a qualitative-driven approach. Currently I am the principal researcher of the project ‘Edupost16. The construction of post-16 educational opportunities. An analysis of post-compulsory educational transitions in urban settings’ ( Some of my recent books include: Tarabini, A. (2019) The Conditions for School Success Examining Educational Exclusion and Dropping Out (Palgrave); Tarabini, A. & Ingram. N. (2018). Educational Choices, Transitions and Aspirations in Europe. (Routledge)

Twitter @ainatarabini