Education, development and anti-poverty strategies in Southern America. A study of the implications of the new global political agenda in the region

Main investigator: Xavier Bonal & Xavier Rambla

Reference: SEJ04235/SOCI

This project continues the research line opened by the project GLOBDESAL (SEC2002-02480). In the context of the new anti-poverty strategies developed in Latin America during the nineties, the strategy of targeting the poor seem to have clear limits for reducing poverty (even in a situation of a certain economic growth). In order to overcome these limits, both international agencies and states are in a process of restructuring anti-poverty priorities and strategies, especially by concentrating programmes and resources and by designing more integrated and cross-sectoral focalised programmes. In all these programmes, education plays a crucial role as a mechanism for fighting poverty. This project has two main objectives. Firstly, it aims to develop observatory tasks around the lines of the new global political strategies in the field of education and the struggle against poverty and around the evolution of some key indicators in that field. Secondly, the project plans to develop studies at a national and local scale about the institutional design, the implementation processes and the impacts on different dimensions of welfare of three new integrated focalised programmes that are currently being developed in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Project Length: 2005-2008

Founding Source/s: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science

Type: Competitive Project