Camilla Addey

Camilla Addey is a Marie Curie Fellow at GEPS – the Globalisation, Education and Social Policies – research centre at the Department of Sociology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. Formerly, Camilla was lecturer in Comparative and International Education at Teachers College, Columbia University (USA), and a researcher at Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany). Previously, Camilla worked in education at UNESCO. She is interested in international large-scale assessments in lower- and middle-income contexts, global educational policy, and education privatization. Her current research project ILAINC, on the privatization of international education assessment, can be followed on Facebook at ‘ILSA Inc. The ILSA industry’. Camilla has published in Comparative Education; Globalization, Societies and Education; Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education; Critical Studies in Education; and Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice. Her latest edited book is ‘Intimate accounts of education policy research: the practice of methods’, edited with Nelli Piattoeva and published by Routledge (2021).  Camilla is also a director of the Laboratory of International Assessment Studies.  

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Email: Camilla.Addey(a)