The construction, implementation and impacts of education and anti-poverty policies in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

Main investigator: Xavier Bonal

Reference: SEC2002-02480

This research project has three main objectives: the first one aims to review the impacts of Structural Adjustment Programs on education and poverty indicators in Latin America and specifically to develop an analysis of those impacts for the cases of Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Secondly, it aims to analyse the new educational policy and anti-poverty agendas of some international organisations that have influenced several state policies, state policies themselves and policies implemented at the regional-local level. Thirdly, the research project aims to compare the implementation processes and the consequences of the new political agendas on social inequalities in the three countries mentioned. This analysis will be developed at the state and local scales.

Project Length: 2002-2005

Founding Source/s: Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology

Type: Competitive Project