Mauro Moschetti

Mauro C. Moschetti is Doctor in Education from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is Full-time Associate Researcher in Department of Pedagogy at the University of Girona, and Senior Researcher in the Department of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the context of the ERC-funded project ‘ReformED’ (GA-680172). He has been a Teaching and Research Associate in the Department of Social and Systematic Pedagogy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona performing research at GEPS (Globalization, Education and Social Policies) and GIPE research groups (Interdisciplinary Group on Education Policies) since 2014. His research is concerned with education privatization, public-private partnerships and market policies in education, educational inequalities and the evaluation of educational policies from an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of comparative education, sociology of education and global studies. In terms of knowledge transfer initiatives, Dr. Moschetti has conducted research for a range of international organizations and international NGOs such as UNESCO, the Global Partnership for Education, Education International, and the Open Society Foundations. He also participates regularly in prestigious international conferences such as those annually held by the Comparative and International Education Society, the American Educational Research Association, and the European Educational Research Association where he has presented his work in numerous panel sessions organized by leading scholars in the field. In the area of teaching, Dr. Moschetti has been a Teaching and Research Associate at the Faculty of Education of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, at the Department of Administration of the University of San Andrés and at the School of Government of the Torcuato Di Tella University where he taught more than 1200 hours in graduate and undergraduate courses on Comparative Education, Education Planning and Financing, Adult Education, Sociology of Organizations, and Organizational Change Management. Currently, he teaches Comparative Education and Education, Culture and Society at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the University of Girona.

email: mauro.moschetti(a)